Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ Technology:

Changing The Ground Rules

Our particle-encased nutrients efficiently feed turfgrass for consistent results helping to ensure healthy, even growth.



  • Fewer applications required in a season
  • Lower Nitrogen rates can produce equal results
  • Provides flexibility when applying
  • Longer greening and less surge growth


  • Lower rate equates to less environmental exposure
  • CRFs have been shown to reduce leaching potential
  • CRFs have been shown to reduce volatilization losses

The Technology

Unique coating process creates a durable shell that secures nutrients until turf needs it
Round, uniformly sized, flowable, dust-free particle for ease of handling and consistent application


  • Gradual, continuous feeding for up to 90 days
  • Perfectly pulses nutrients, protects against burning and surge growth
  • Minimizes nutrient "lock off"

How It Works

Like grass, Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ responds to nature's cues. As temperature and soil activity spur turf growth, Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ begins dosing to match this demand. When it becomes too dry or cold, Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ protects from over delivery and saves nutrients for when turf needs it.

Not all Controlled-Release Fertilizers are the same.

Turfgrass professionals demand performance. Too often, products created for agriculture and horticulture are merely disguised and sold as turf products. With almost 150 years in the turf business, Scotts® knows turf. We leveraged our expertise in turf science to design a unique formula built especially for professional turf care with particles that protect nutrients from seasonal losses. This ensures a consistent nutrient delivery that helps turfgrass grow evenly and greener.

  • Designed to ensure optimal nutrient delivery under variable field conditions.
  • State-of-the-art coating technology is activated by temperature and water to match seasonal demand.
  • Tested year-round in world-class research facilities to ensure product peformance.
  • Whether by temperature, soil moisture or microbial activity, Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ works with the elements to deliver nutrients the turf needs.

Don't compromise turf performance, partner with Scotts®, the tested and proven turf experts.


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Scotts® Expands, New Fertilizer Specifically Designed for the Turf and Landscape Industry

Innovative Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ Technology Will Change the Rules of the Game

Marysville, OH (February 2, 2017) Building upon its commitment to further enhance the technologies and products available in the lawn care category, Scotts®   today announced its expansion into the professional turf market with Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ controlled-release fertilizer technology.

Not all fertilizers are the same
Scotts® knows that turf care professionals have several options when it comes to enhanced efficiency fertilizers – whether they use stabilizers, slow-release or controlled-release; these professionals demand consistent results and demonstrable value from their products. Scotts® Secure Nutrients™ delivers protection against seasonal losses and ensures that turf and landscape professionals see optimal greening with minimal surge growth, continuous feeding and minimal nitrogen loss.

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